Join us in creating a Portland Fair Trade Directory!

Contact to join our Fair Trade Directory Committee!

We launched our first big awareness campaign in May for World Fair Trade Day with a mini-directory to help consumers know where they can find fairly traded products in Portland. We had about 10 locations on the directory that included places like Food Front Cooperative, Mirador Community Store and St. Andrews Church in North Portland who serves Fair Trade coffee/tea throughout their congregation. We were happy to start documenting a few places we were aware of, but we know there are more!

We’re gearing up for the rest of the year’s activities and we’re excited to begin a campaign to expand and create a larger directory that will encourage more local stores, educational institutions, workplaces and congregations to support Fair Trade. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

While buying organic and buying local are very much on the radar for many Portland natives, we need to create more awareness about the economic and social justice implications of their purchases. With every purchase, consumers are unknowingly perpetuating child labor, human trafficking and global poverty when they support large companies and brands who source products through an unethical supply chain. WE CAN encourage more companies to source through Fair Trade channels by creating more demand for fairly trade products and companies who support fair wages and healthy working conditions for producers.

Just like organic, when more consumers started buying and asking for organic, more large companies like Wal-Mart, Dole, Kroger started sourcing and offering organic products!


 Goals of the Directory:

–          To help consumers find local businesses and organizations that serve/sell fairly traded products and are committed to ethical working practices

–          To help more local businesses and organizations learn about Fair Trade and encourage them to start serving/selling fairly traded products

–          To introduce the Northwest Fair Trade Coalition to the greater Portland community and encourage membership and partnership with our network

–          To serve as a collective resource for local organizations working on global economic justice issues by creating a section in the directory for additional resources


–          Send out an introductory survey and letter to assess whether or not organizations serve/sell fairly traded products and measure their commitment to Fair Trade

  • Targetting: business, faith organizations, educational institutions and community organizations

–          Assess their level of commitment and record their information in an organized list

The idea for the directory came about through the Fair Trade Towns movement that is sweeping across our country. We’re using their strategies for implementing the directory, but customizing it according to our criteria. We want to support 100% committed organizations, not ‘fair washers’!

Our coalition has few members and we need more people from the community to join our efforts and help lead this!

We’re forming a Fair Trade Directory Committee and are putting an appeal out there for volunteers!

Contact Sarah at to get involved!


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