Fair Trade Your Congregation

A spiritual practice is a logical place to practice social values and ethics. If you are interested in making your congregation more Fair Trade friendly, check out the resources for faith groups on Equal Exchange’s Interfaith Program.

Also, Partners for Just Trade created a Fair Trade bible study called “Fair Trade: Using our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope” for congregations to use that you can find online here. The study focuses on biblical passages about justice but is also a Fair Trade educational tool. It is a great way to get your small group focused on global issues and the spiritual call for making a difference.

Holidays are an important time for congregations – make your next holiday fair trade by hosting a Fair Trade Holiday Fundraiser, Dessert Party or Gift Bazaar. You can use the holiday to raise money for a favorite cause and host a fundraiser sale with a percentage of the profits coming back to you, or you can host an event to help congregants buy their gifts in line with your shared values.

Many congregations across the country have made Fair Trade holiday bazaars an annual event. For example, Ecumenical Campus Ministries at Kansas State University began their first Fair Trade Holiday Marketplace 5 years ago and today it brings in 15 vendors and grosses nearly $30,000 in sales. it’s become a well-known annual event that everyone looks forward to for their gift buying!

Last year, we had the first Fair Trade holiday bazaar in Portland. This year you can link to the PDX Holiday Bazaar – or have your own!!  Look for an upcoming post on the bazaar for more information or email Sarah at nwfairtrade@gmail.com.

Like in the workplace, you can also make sure your place of worship serves Fair Trade coffee and treats before and after services. You can also hold Fair Trade educational events for the community, such as movie screenings.

Incorporate these aspects of a Fair Trade congregation and you can join our Portland Fair Trade directory!

If you would like more information about any of the ideas in this or another “Fair Trade Your Life” post, or help getting started, please email nwfairtrade@gmail.com.

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