Fair Trade Your School

No matter what your association with the local school – student, teacher or parent – you can help your school source ethical products and set a positive example that will inspire the upcoming generations.

  • Food Sourcing – Programs such as Farm to School are becoming more popular as America activates its concern about children’s eating habits. You can encourage not only healthy eating but social responsibility by encouraging your local cafeteria to use fairly traded products in school lunches.
  • Sweatfree Collegiate Gear – Everyone loves to show their pride by sporting gear with the team logo and mascot. Make sure that awesome sweatshirt didn’t come from a sweatshop by asking your college to join universities across the nation in demanding that nothing with their logo and colors was produced in unethical working conditions and create a Sweatfree Policy. Universities can sign on to the Designated Suppliers Program through the Worker Rights Consortium. Go to Alta Gracia Apparel for a sweatfree alternative for college apparel. For more resources, check out the Sweat-Free Campus Campaign page from United Students Against Sweatshops. For the K-12 set, school uniforms can also be made Fair Trade at http://www.fairtradeuniforms.org.
  • Fair Trade Sports Balls – When you are playing during recess, you can Fair Trade your sports equipment by checking out www.fairtradesports.com. Also, for the best running and playing Fair Trade shoes, go to http://www.autonomieprojects.com.
  • Fair Trade Lesson Plans – Teachers have so much influence in what our children learn and think. Help to educate students about the reality of global working conditions and the benefits of Fair Trade with Fair Trade lesson plans from www.globalexchange.org/cocoa, http://www.equalexchange.coop/fair-trade-fundraiser-program-educational-tools and http://www.fairtraderesource.org/learn-up/teaching-tools/.  Fair Trade applies to everything from economics and geography to sociology and history classes!
  • If your school does fundraiser sales such as cookie dough or wrapping paper, let the Northwest Fair Trade Coalition help you set up a fair trade fundraiser sale. You keep 15-20% of the proceeds but also encourage supporters to shop with their values! Email nwfairtrade@gmail.com for details on how to set up a fundraiser sale with one of our organizations.
  • You can also invite the NWFTC to come give a talk or table at a school event!
If you would like more information about any of the ideas in this or another “Fair Trade Your Life” post, or help getting started, please email nwfairtrade@gmail.com.

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  1. Thanks for the callout! We’ve also got a great curriculum for K-12 that lets educators use a soccer ball as a tangible teaching point when talking about Fair Trade principals.

    Link: http://fairtradesports.com/2009/09/09/back-to-school-curriculum/

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