Fair Trade Your Events and Holidays: Fair Trade Fundraisers and Home Parties

Everyone knows how much shopping occurs around the holidays and other special events. Take a twist on traditional consumerism this year by inviting Fair Trade into your house or school.Partner with the NWFTC to host a Fair Trade awareness and education event in your community to learn more about Fair Trade and how you can support the movement. We can give a talk, screen a movie, start a discussion, or any combination of these!

AWAZ, one of our members, will also help you fundraise! The holidays and special events often inspire giving, especially in faith communities, and AWAZ wants to help you support your cause. If your school participates in an annual wrapping paper sale, think about implementing a Fair Trade Fundraiser instead. By selling Fair Trade products, you can earn 15% of all the proceeds for your cause. Learn more here.

Fair Trade one of the most special days of your life by incorporating Fair Trade into your wedding. You can create a registry at retailers such as Ten Thousand Villages or Global Exchange. Also check out this Fair Trade Wedding Guide from fairtrade.us for tips on how to Fair Trade the clothing, the invites, the gifts and more.

Choose a NWFTC member, such as AWAZ Voice for Empowerment, and host a Fair Trade Party. Think tupperware or candle party, but with fairly traded, eco-friendly products. Learn more about AWAZ’s Fair Trade Home Parties here.

A very important way to Fair Trade your holidays is to buy Fair Trade gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weddings, Christmas and any other occasion. You have the power to buy Fair Trade for all your loved ones.


If you would like more information about any of the ideas in this or another “Fair Trade Your Life” post, or help getting started, please email nwfairtrade@gmail.com.

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