Fair Trade Chocolate and Gifts and ‘Raise the Bar Hershey’ for January ‘Portland Fair Trade Third Thursdays’ with the NWFTC

JOIN US in kicking off the year with the ‘Raise the Bar Hershey!’ campaign and our monthly night featuring local organizations dedicated to fair trade and economic justice.

Shop fair trade chocolate and gifts for Valentine’s Day at our Member Marketplace!


In 2011, the NWFTC showed four film screenings of the acclaimed documentary, ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate’, to help raise awareness about the child labor and trafficking in the cocoa trade around Portland. We passed out over 400 Reverse Trick-or-Treating kits promoting fair trade chocolate to communities in Portland and we’re gearing up for more!

We’ve created a space for fair trade in Portland where you can get resources for your community, shop fair trade and get involved in the local movement to make Portland fair trade!

NWFTC Fair Trade Third Thursdays @ Equal Exchange

January 19th

‘Chocolate Awareness and Fair Trade Desserts and Gifts for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day’

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Equal Exchange, 1033 SE Main, Portland


  • Raffle of Gift Basket filled with fair trade goodies worth $50
  • Enjoy FREE Equal Exchange chocolate and hot cocoa and desserts made from fair trade baking cocoa!
  • Member Marketplace offering Fair Trade wine, flowers, chocolate and gifts from local fair trade businesses
  • A presentation on ‘Raise the Bar, Hershey!’ campaign and actions to get behind


NW Food Front Cooperative Monthly Film Series

Screening of ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate’

Wednesday, February 8th

6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

NW Multnomah County Library, 2300 Northwest Thurman Street, Portland



Check out Equal Exchange NEW Fair Trade Valentine Card Set with chocolate minis available for purchase at Food Front!

Enjoy FREE chocolate and drinks!



In 2010, 4 leading organizations – Global Exchange, Green America, International Labor Rights Forum and Oasis USA – started ‘Raise the Bar Hershey’, a campaign to put pressure  on Hershey, the largest US chocolate company, to take action to end child and forced labor in its supply chain and to adopt Fair Trade Certified cocoa.

Almost ten years since chocolate companies committed to ending child labor, forced labor, and trafficking in their cocoa supply chains, these egregious labor rights abuses continue. While many chocolate companies have taken steps to trace their cocoa purchasing and implement labor rights standards among their suppliers, the Hershey Company lags behind its competitors. Hershey has no policies in place to trace its cocoa and protect workers.

Get all the facts on Hershey, latest reports and press releases and sign the petition!



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