Coalition Member Organizations

specializing in handmade, natural fiber, fairly traded products from artisans in India

AWAZ Voice for Empowerment is committed to bringing high quality, ethically sourced, goods and textiles from low-income communities in India to the international market through its online store, wholesale and retail programs. Since 2009, AWAZ has traded direct with small artisan run enterprises in India to help provide steady employment, humane working conditions and a social net to empower India’s poor.

AWAZ was founded by Oregon-native, fair trade activist and social entrepreneur Sarah Mitts, after years of working with grassroots organizations in India.

Food Front Cooperative Grocery

Food Front is a consumer cooperative building a vibrant community and a healthier world by selling wholesome food and empowering people. As a consumer cooperative, Food Front builds from the vision of its owners to strengthen and extend the social fabric by democratizing capital ownership (social, natural and economic) to create a sustainable community. They have two locations in NW Portland and Hillsdale, offering a wide-array of local, organic and fairly traded products for the community.

Topanien Gifts is a small family owned business, in operation since 1989 and located in Multnomah Village, OR. It works primarily with other small businesses from around the world that have relationships with the artisans they employ.  Topanien Gifts supports Fair Trade by making a concerted effort to purchase folkart, home decor and gift items from fair trade importers.

Since 1986, Equal Exchange has been engaged in developing a Fair Trade network of primarily coffee, tea, and chocolate producers. Their vision is to create and foster a deep and far-reaching cooperative model, with Equal Exchange serving as the engine of a complex economic network of two million producers, workers, investors, merchants, activists, and consumers who are using their land, labor, capital and votes to create the world they want to live in and leave for their children.

Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans (OATH) was established in 2008 by the Oregon Human Trafficking Task Force (OHTTF) to encourage citizens to “Take The Oath” to help combat the growing scourge of human trafficking within the state of Oregon.

OATH is the volunteer, public awareness, education and outreach branch of the Oregonian Human Trafficking Task Force (OHTTF). OATH members recognize that human trafficking is a terrible crime that exploits innocent and vulnerable people locally and globally. By becoming an OATH member one agrees to learn, advocate and take practical action steps to stop human trafficking.

Jubilee Oregon

The world’s poorest countries pay almost $23 million EVERY DAY to the rich world.

Jubilee Debt Campaign is demanding an end to the scandal of poor counrties paying money to the rich.

Jubilee Oregon is an active chapter of Jubilee USA Network and is focused on reducing poverty through reducing the crushing debt that many developing nations face, allowing them to instead focus on public investments needed to spur economic growth. The Oregon chapter meets monthly and is open to the public. Learn how your congregation can become a Jubilee Congregation!

Various Jubilee organizations exist internationally working both independently and collectively with the shared goal of global debt cancellation for unjustly indebted countries. Jubilee 2000 was an international coalition movement in over 40 countries that called for cancellation of third world debt by the year 2000. The concept stems from the biblical idea of the year of Jubilee found in Leviticus.

unrefined, shea butter

“Pure, Unrefined, Fair Trade Shea Butter for Retail, Wholesale and the Natural Products Industry.”

Ojoba Collective was started in 2003 as a means to help poor villagers in West Africa gain a fair wage for their crafts. Working as teachers in a rural village in Ghana, founders Johan and Tracy got an up-close look at the challenges faced by local people in West Africa.

They originally started Ojoba Collective as a means of helping a few friends who were skilled craftspeople, and in need of support. For the past seven years, they’ve been working directly with artisans in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Niger helping them to market their products. Today, they focus primarily on skin care products made from shea butter. Ojoba Collective Shea Butter is fresh, high-grade, all natural, 100% pure, unrefined, unscented and 100% Fair Trade! Made in Ghana, West Africa by the Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative, this is truly one of the finest and freshest butters out there!

Lutherans for Justice in the Holy Land

offering Canaan Fair Trade Olive Oil and delicacies

At Central Lutheran, we have boldly extended Lutherans’ traditional concern for social service and social justice to one of the most complex, controversial, and intractable international issues – justice and peace in the Holy Land. LJHL advocates for all people of Palestine and Israel in general and fosters unique ties with the congregations, ministries, and institutions of Holy Land Lutherans in particular. We educate and advocate by:

  • Participating in peace-and-justice partnerships – local and international, secular and faith-based, political and humanitarian;
  • Providing speakers, films, book studies, and discussions;
  • Organizing contacts with legislators through calls, visits, and letters;
  • Participating in nonviolent direct action – petition drives, demonstrations, and teach-ins;
  • Distributing timely news and analysis, action alerts, and talking points;
  • Selling Palestinian Fair Trade olive oil and products to promote the Palestinian economy and benefit the Lutheran World Federation Vocational Training Center;

* We offer Canaan Fair Trade olive oil and other products — three olive oils; three infused oils; green olive tapenade; sun-dried tomato caper spread; zata’ar (thyme, sumac, sesame, salt) herb seasoning; olive oil soap. We sell after worship at Central Lutheran the second Sunday of each month and before holidays. We accept special orders at other times and arrange a tasting-and-sales table at other places of worship and special events. Please contact us for additional information about products and sales.

503 284-2331 or

Thembanathi is a grassroots fundraising organization dedicated to providing support to community-based organization in South Africa offering education, support, and care for young people and their families. We were founded in 2003 by Lindsey Reynolds and Angela Larkan, both students at Wesleyan University, after they won research grants to travel to South Africa to study HIV prevention and care programs. During their research, they spent time at Holy Cross, an AIDS hospice and care project in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

Both were so impacted by the situation they saw that they decided to start an organization with the aim of increasing awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and providing support to Holy Cross and other community-based non-profit organizations like it. Because of their strong belief in empowering families to provide care and support for their own children, the founders developed a fundraising model centered around the purchase and sale of fair trade crafts made by women’s income generation projects in the same region of South Africa. The proceeds from these sales, as well as the generous donations of people like you, have made it possible to provide ongoing support to needy children and families.

Tropical Salvage reclaims old, quality hardwood in Indonesia and gives it new life in solid furniture. In doing so, we create fair trade, conservation supportive jobs in Indonesia and enable consumers to choose wood products whose availability does not depend on harvests of standing trees. Built by skillful hands, to last, Tropical Salvage furniture will endure and enchant for generations. Tropical Salvage intentionally models business to support tropical forest conservation, empower communities, and mitigate climate change.

Showroom / Warehouse
2233 NW York Street,
Portland, Oregon 97210
tel. (503) 236-6155

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